Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Last weekend I headed down to London, although I've visited the city many times I never seem to get bored of it and I have every intention of living there when I'm older... and rich enough to afford it. 

We travelled by train, and as soon as we arrived headed to our hotel to check in our luggage. We stayed at the Doubletree by Hilton West End Hotel which was the perfect hotel for our short stay. The hotel had an old fashioned, classic exterior yet the interior had a modern and simplistic feel to it. The welcomed us with warm cookies which instantly put me in the best mood! 

The hotel was situated in Holborn, which was the ideal location as it was only a short walk away from Covent Garden which we headed to for a quick shopping trip. Covent garden can only be described as a place of pure architectual beauty. Viewing the infrastructure of the streetscape is enough to make even the shortest visit to Covent Garden worthwhile. The Market Piazza is the centrepiece and is surrounded by a vast array of pretty restaurants, cafés and shops. 

After exploring the markets and watching a charity opera performance in the market hall we found our way to Leicester Square where we stopped for a bite to eat. The only issue I have when going to London is that there is quite literally too much choice, which doesn't help the fact that I am already incredibly indecisive! We finally settled for the Timberyard café at Seven Dials.

It was the quirkyness of this café that made it stand out from the rest, its comfy looking armchairs and makeshift tables made from stacked vintage suitcases gave the place a homely appeal. 

Being a huge coffee lover I decided that I would try a macha latte which seems to be the new craze in London. After multiple people in the queue ordered one, I wanted to see what the fuss was about. Formed with macha green tea powder this latte provides the same goodness that a green tea does, plus it gives it a vibrant green colour which I thought was super cool. 

As I was in the mood for trying new things, I opted for the courgette and pea soup which despite its appearance was delicious.

After lunch, we headed to the Cambridge Theatre, to watch Matilda the Musical, which I would definitely recommend watching if you're visiting London soon and into theatrical performances. After the musical ended we strolled back to Covent Garden for cocktails. 

Out of the few bars I have visited in London, Dirty Martini is definitely my favourite new hotspot. It's an underground cocktail bar located in the corner of Covent Garden. The interior, the music, and not to mention the cocktails were all amazing. We went at just the right time as happy hour was in full flow, meaning half price martinis all around. I would definitely recommend trying the almond and hibiscus martini which was a mixture of Absolut Vodka shaken with Amaretto, cranberry & pineapple juice & hibiscus syrup. Mmmmmm.

After drinking one too many cocktails on an empty stomach, getting some food seemed like an ideal plan. Jamie's Italian being our next destination. 

The morning after, we wondered around looking for somewhere to grab a quick breakfast before travelling to explore Greenwich for the day, and Bill's did not disappoint. I went for my favourite kind of breakfast, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. 

It is fair to say that there is an endless list of things to do and see in London, and therefore a weekend isn't a  sufficient timescale in which to get everything on the 'to do' list done. However, there is no denying that a weekend visiting this great city is still incredibly fun and that alone provides me with enough reason to keep wanting to go back! 

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

August wishlist

August wishlist

Like most 18 year old girls I am a complete shopping addict and spend an unhealthy amount of my free time at home browsing the web for the next item that I must have. Even when I have next to no money I still torture myself by flicking through the hundreds of 'new in' items that have just been listed on topshops or asos's website and adding about half of them to my wishlist.

Typically I love summer style, but as autumn is fast approaching I decided to have a look at what autumn appropriate items I could purchase (as soon as my pay check comes through that is). 

Firstly, i'm a sucker for bralets, being 5,1" and petite means that I find it a constant battle to find dresses that come in my size and are flattering. Whilst topshop offers a great petite range I often find the sizes a little scewed meaning that for a night out I tend to resort to a pretty bralet or crop top paired with shorts, a skirt or jeans. I also love the spagetti straps and the colour of this bralet.

During winter I practically live in black skinny jeans, therefore by the end of the season their so over-worn that investing into a new pair is essential. When it comes to jeans I am willing to splash a fair amount of money on them as they are a staple item in any wardrobe and not the kind of item that you chuck to one side because you're bored of it. However, I find topshop jeans have a great fit and are also reasonably priced therefore each year I always end up returning to topshop to invest in my next pair of black skinnies.

I never used to be a fan of pointed heels, often dismissing them as old fashioned and the kind of heels that only my gran would wear. However I am a now a changed woman! These heels are classic, and perfect to pair with jeans to dress a daytime outfit, yet also ideal to combine with a dress for a chic evening look. 

Whilst I am still madly in love with my Marc Jacobs rose gold watch which you can find here this Olivia Burton watch has caught my eye. Its gold sundial face is elegant and the leather strap is a beautiful shade of mink and different to the usual gold or silver straps that watches are usually presented with. 

The silver playsuit I found on the site of one of my new favourite brands, Love. This playsuit is the perfect autumn evening outfit, pair with heels and a clutch and you're set to go. 

Finally, this KG purse i've had my eyes on for a while. After receiving the KG saffiano london tote in grey for my birthday from my amazing parents I have been lusting after the matching wallet. This orange colour is one of my favourites, and a perk of it being so bright is that amongst the clutter within your bag it will always stand out!

And that it my august wishlist... find all the items here:

|Bralet, jeans, heels: Topshop | Watch: Olivia Burton | Playsuit: Love | Purse: Kurt Geiger

Monday, 4 August 2014

Baking day!

This summer has flown by and the realisation that it is now August and that I am soon to receive my A level results has thrown me into a frantic frenzy. Since stressed spells desserts backwards it was only too obvious that a baking day was necessary. Those of you with a sweet tooth like me will fully understand when I say that nothing can cheer me up and force me to forget my worries in a way that a perfectly baked banana cake or better yet a pavlova can... 

So today I paid a visit to one of my oldest friends whose Mum just happens to make the best pavlova ever.
It's our summer tradition for me to visit them once their homegrown raspberries are ripe, and without fail every year Sally serves up an unbeatable raspberry pavolva. 

Rather than just waiting at the table like impatient children for Sally to serve up the pavlova and then demolishing half of it in one sitting as I usually do, whilst Vicki practically inhales her half too, we decided to attempt to learn how she takes this dessert to a whole new level of tastiness! 

Here are a few of her tips: 

Firstly, when making the meringue add 1tsp of wine vinegar and cornflour to the mix along with the sugar in order to get super mallowy centres

Secondly, instead of using a basic whipped cream filling try creating your own chantilly cream which is a sweetened, vanilla flavoured whipped cream, perfect for desserts. It simply consists of 
  • 500ml / 2 cups of double cream
  • 70g caster sugar
  • Vanilla extract 
Hope you find these tips helpful in the future, in the meantime happy baking!

and of course no baking day is complete without cupcakes..

Restaurant Review: The Glassboat

To kick off my new blog I thought I would write about something I and many others are openly passionate about... food! 

Like most I am a food fanatic and will admit that I am indeed one of those people who is consistently guilty of trying (and failing) to discretely take a quick snap of every delicious looking dinner or dessert I order when dining out. Sharing what we eat and where we're eating via instagram has become some what of a daily routine for many, whilst some couldn't care less about who's eating what, sharing a picture of a beautifully presented burger and chips gives me a somewhat strange feeling of satisfaction... 

But anyway..! Our obsession with food has meant that food themed instagram profiles and blogs are now amongst the most followed as our obsession entails us needing to know the latest superfood, new inspiring recipes, or where the best places to eat are. The latter becoming an extremely handy tool for those who love to travel around and explore, leading onto the main purpose of this post... a review of the Glassboat restaurant. 

Living close to Bristol is handy as it provides me with an excuse to regularly visit new restaurants, this week my family and I headed to The Glassboat floating restaurant located in Welsh Back, Bristol for Sunday lunch.

As this was my sister Steph's final meal in the UK before setting off to travel around Thailand and Bali, being a self-confessed lover of British food she felt obliged to have a roast dinner. 

I opted for the hake, samphire with shrimp butter, and it did not disappoint! Although dessert was definitely the highlight of my 2 course meal, a warm chocolate brownie which was baked to perfection and served with ice cream - it was so mouth-wateringly good that I was unable to resist the urge to go mmmmm after every bite. 

The location and decor of the restaurant is was has made it one of my new favourite places to dine. Not only is the food great but whilst enjoying your meal you also get an amazing view of the river. The interior is cosy yet elegant, making it the perfect venue for both an evening dinner date or cocktails with friends. 

So if any of you are planning to visit Bristol soon, and fancy trying something different I thoroughly recommend that you head down to Bristol Docks and give this place a visit. 

Find out more about the restaurant here